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Resun Brochure

The RESUN plug valve, industry's "Old Reliable," is used in countless industrial and general utility applications. The following are a few major categories of the many specific applications in which the RESUN valve provides reliable, uninterrupted, leak-free service:

Chemical and petrochemical processing

Petroleum gathering and distribution

Gas distribution systems

Water and wastewater

Heating, air conditioning (HVAC)

Food and beverage processing

Pulp and paper

Paint, varnish, lacquer and ink

Asphalt and other viscous materials

Cement and ore slurries


Resun Plug Valves Brochure

Standard material for RESUN plug valves is a high tensile cast iron made to RESUN specifications & in compliance with ASTM A-126 Class B standards. All specifications in this catalog are for valves of this material. RESUN plug valves can be supplied in ductile iron on special orders. UL, CGA, and AGA approval is available on valve models so noted in this catalog when specified on the customer's purchase order.

Rugged construction - Large a two-by-four board. Low cost Readily available

Maximum port openings - Full pipe area is available to minimize turbulence, erosion and pressure drop.

Ease of operation - Unlike the tapered plugs of other plug valves, the RESUN cylindrical plug turns easily without binding or seizing, at the pressures and temperatures within its operating limits.

Minimum maintenance - Only a small initial charge of sealant is required with occasional recharging for easy operation. The basic construction of the valve simplifies any service or parts replacement which might become necessary.

See RESUN catalog CS for lubricated plug valves manufactured in carbon steel. R&M Energy Systems will consider any reasonable modification of the plug valve that makes it more appropriate to the needs of the customer.