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Smith Brochure

With the turn of the century came new life for Smith. In March of 2000, the Newdell Company bought Smith's assets and moved production to Italy. The downward trend was reversed and sales began to climb.

In the fall of 2006, production was returned to the USA, this time to Houston, Texas where the owners had just completed a new manufacturing and warehousing facility. Smith is now producing valves at a rate of 20,000 per month and is growing rapidly. Throughout the company history, one thing has never changed with the Smith brand: product quality. Yes, the Newdell Company has made substantial investments in technology resulting in improved engineering and manufacturing practices. Yet the time-tested Smith designs and the unique color-coding system remain essentially unchanged.

You see, the Smith brand has a reputation to uphold. A reputation for quality that has been forged over a solid half-century. A reputation that will only be enhanced as we move into our second half-century of production